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Thou shalt store: Inside California’s energy storage mandate

In October 2013, California passed a new energy storage mandate AB2514, whereby California's investor-owned utilities: Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric would expand their electricity storage capacity and procure 1,325 MW of electricity and thermal storage by 2020. Read More >>


Puerto Rico introduces mandate for energy storage in new renewable projects

In December 2013, the government owned Puerto Rican energy company AEE has made it mandatory for developers of new renewable energy projects to incorporate a minimum of 30% storage, based on the nameplate capacity of the installation. Read More >>


India is building the world’s largest solar plant for $4.4 Billion

Electricity-hungry India is flipping the switch on huge new solar energy projects to fuel its growing economy, using cheap -- mainly Chinese -- foreign technology to reduce once sky-high generation costs to competitive levels. Read More >>


Opinion: Black tide of coal overwhelms climate goals

Next week policymakers and industry leaders will gather for the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi to celebrate tomorrow's energy system to be: clean, sustainable and available to all. Read More >>


Official: Danish wind farms meet half of country’s power demand

Denmark has become the latest country to confirm that it broke a series of wind energy records last year, announcing that December marked the first month during which more than half of the country's electricity was supplied by wind energy. Read More >>


A year when efficiency became the focus

In 2013, the shipping world came to realize that serious changes have to be made to the slow moving conservative world of maritime transport. By 2015, most of the Emission Control Areas (ECAs) will come into effect, which will cause fuel prices to increase as ship owners are forced to buy fuel with lower Sulphur content. Read More >>

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